Week 5, Session 1 (OpEd)

• Play the game Type Connection and attempt to match a happy pairing between two typefaces. Pay attention to personality of the typefaces in order to succeed as a typeface matchmaker!

• In the discussion question, comment by 

1) stating the two typefaces you paired up, and

2) why they were/weren’t successful as as couple

4 thoughts on “Week 5, Session 1 (OpEd)”

  1. I’ve matched Archer and Bryant. Archer and Bryant match due to their development within the same time period (early 200s) and their shared nature of clean geometric forms, with soft and rounded elements, and also elements that reflected history of typographic craft (the strategy I used was Explore the Past).

  2. I’ve matched Archer and Eurostile. They were successful because Archer is a slab that praises circles, while Eurostile is a sans that follows widened squares. Intentional curves, a double-story a, and a single-story g define both, as does their perceived overuse.

  3. I matched ITC Century and ITC Franklin Gothic. They were a perfect match. I matched them together by their history and not how they looked. These types were meant to show the strength needed for typecasting machines. They were used for magazines, newspapers and any business printing.

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