14 thoughts on “Week 1, Session 2 (Op-Ed)”

  1. When comparing photography and typography to each other, the author notes, “Cer­tainly there are pho­tog­ra­phers and ty­pog­ra­phers whose ideas and tech­niques raise their work to the level of art. But at their core, both pho­tog­ra­phy and ty­pog­ra­phy per­form a util­i­tar­ian func­tion.”

    What this means is that although some might seem photography and typography as art, it is secondary, as they must perform a function first, be it to inform or capture the attention of a reader. This speaks to the larger difference between art and design, form versus function. Art can be created for the sake of being art; it has the ability to take as many risks as possible. Design must always serve a purpose, in one way, shape, or form.

  2. On the surface, design, and fine art can be seen as the same thing. When you look at the two in a more in depth way, you may see that design depends mostly on what the designer is capable of and what they want it to look like. When it comes to fine art, it caters more towards the people who wish to see the art in a certain way. It is dependent on the viewers more so than the producers.

  3. To me a design, a good one at least, is one that is practical and helps the reader understand and dissect information in a fast and efficient manner. Where as, fine art is a piece of art that conveys a feeling or emotion, that ultimately is absorbed differently by each member of its audience.

  4. I believe that with Fine Art and Design, the key differences would be that Fine Art is the overall message, but Design is used to help your subconscious distinguish the direction that the artist wants to deliver. When ever you see a sculpture, painting or poster, you cannot help, but wonder why you were attracted to it. Then, when you pick apart the different aspects of the piece, you start to notice the design of the structure. Analyzing the design helps you decipher the message that the piece was trying to convey.

  5. Natalya – Design is used more for functionality and problem-solving, while fine art is seen as a more emotional expression of thoughts and ideas.

    Julie – Fine art is used more for expression and for a broader audience while design should be more concise and to the point to capture attention.

  6. Fine art I define as a conveyance of ideas. The conveyance is creative and abstract.

    Typographic Design I define as a conveyance of messages. The conveyance is utilitarian and direct.

    The primary difference is the message’s or the idea’s objective in perspective. Fine art has ideas directed from the artist to the audience, and the objective is presenting the artist’s perspective. Typography design has a message or the audience, and the design is focused on the audience’s perspective.

    Another difference is clarity. Because Typography is utilitarian, clarity is most important–the message should not be given to varied interpretations. In contrast, Fine Art can be open to interpretation, even obscure in meaning depending upon the artist’s intention.

    Finally, time and space are differences. Messages need to be direct and so time to comprehend should be short by design and have utilitarian space. Fine art may take much time to interpret and comprehend, and use of space in a more creative and free manner.

  7. Fine Art is a creative form of expression without limit, that can be demonstrate or created into any form that the artist wishes to. Examples are like music, paintings, choreography, photos, etc.

    Design is a professional form of expression that is created through a guided process and tools.

  8. Fine art is more brought out, meaning that the artist puts more of themselves into the work they make, or possibly trying to rely a message within their art piece. While design is more planned out and organized; more work and thinking comes into play rather than just creating freely.

  9. i think of art as an expression of self or emotion through images or dancing or whatever is the artists platform. i think of design as the literal translation of said art piece and can help the viewer understand the piece more.

  10. I believe that designs are created to capture its audience attention while conveying a particular message. On the other Fine Art is more a cultural expression to drawn attention of subject matter that is of interest to a particular audience.

  11. I think Fine Art and design work together but have differences in their meaning. Fine Art is the reason why we design. it is what gives us the required skills to accomplish our works and masterpiece. While Design is the creative process to get to where we want. Designing itself is the hand drawn idea in which we do to create our work and put the pieces together to create something beautiful and different for the eye to see.

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