10 thoughts on “Q2) Where is letterform going next as it evolves with technology?”

  1. I believe letterform is now leading to… emojis. People from all over can use the internet as a way of communicating with someone halfway across the planet but the internet itself does not do much to express feeling and so emojis are commonly used for that. Now emojis are literally being put on clothes and no matter what everyone seems to understand what each one of them means, even if the actual symbol has nothing to do with whats its being used for.

  2. With the way technology has been advancing and how important it has become to make communication easier, I feel that letterform will begin to combine letters, decreasing the amount of time it would take to type out a message. In addition to this, I expect there to be an increase in the amount and use of acronyms. Instead of being mostly for businesses and quick chats, I see acronyms becoming a large factor in many different languages.

  3. As technology evolves, there will always be new ways of expressing art and design. Letterform is no exception, being one of the oldest forms of communicating.

    For example. Virtual Reality technology has been starting to step into the market for visual entertainment and even psychology treatment for doctors. People will find and create many different ways of to design letterform, people will have to figure out the best and comfortable ways of presenting letterform through virtual reality.

    As technology evolves and changes the way we view things, so will the letterform.

  4. I believe that letterform is evolving into slang (short term words) instead of actual english, example; “What are you doing” to “wyd” or “Thank you” to “ty” Even now with the emoji use, example: iPhone’s iOS 10 update will automatically be replacing ‘text (words like pizza) to emoji (picture of a slice of pizza)’ within text messages. I think it’s interesting but also annoying, only because I have a friend who literally only texts in emoji’s which makes me crazy sometimes.

  5. As to where its possibly going to go next I would say with the new video games coming out for the ending of this year and the year of 2017 they are putting more of letterform in game with the NextGen consoles

  6. As letterform evolves with technology it may lead to simpler ways of expressing what we mean. For example, having acronyms was a huge way of changing letterforms, but now it’s emoticons. Using these different emoticons allows people to just know what one is trying to say with a little symbol. Maybe in the future it could be something more advanced from what we know.

  7. i think it will go in the direction of a sound keyboard while we still have emoji . along wtih finishing a word that you are typing, it will sound it out. and could also give you the best sentence structure.

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