Homework 3

   In class we learned about different career paths in the design field and, how design teams consists of different roles examples: Art Director, Production Manager, Editor, Copywriter and, Presenters. Each role is important the completion of a project or campaign, without these roles and a team one person would take all that workload, then nothing would be accomplished and, the work would be sloppy. With all these different roles work is efficient and precise.

    Each role is different and requires a specific goal to complete for the team starting off with Project Management, the project manager is the “leader” of the design team’s course of action, he or she tells the team when and what campaign is due, gives them each clear instruction of what the client is looking. The Art Director is responsible for the visual perspective of the design team. The Art Director creates a template for the team to use for their latest client he or she is responsible for inputting images into magazines, newspapers, packagings, etc. if it is required to do so, this is so the client’s message is understood and perceived correctly.

    Production Designers, depending in which career path it is that is being spoken about for example in film they are responsible for getting sets together, lighting, and set location. In advertising a Production Designer is the one who has to input the information into the template given to him or her by the Art Director. In conclusion, Design Teams have different roles to work on projects together quickly and efficiently to get the job done and make the client happy.


Im Kelvin and this is my eportfolio! This is where you can find projects and assignments I worked on to build my portfolio. I am from Inwood, NY and lived most of my life in NYC, and I love my city. This eportfolio is where any user can find any work and projects I’ve done for my courses that I am attending. I have a big passion for design and photography and hopefully in the near I can express my passion and catch peoples eye’s with photos and designs and work for myself or a good company.