The goal of the class was to able to accomplish 5 learning outcomes that can be practiced in the field when working

Learning Outcomes:

1.Analyze Scene Drawings

Projects 1 and 4 were projects that gave me the opportunity to look a a scenic designers drawings, plans, and notes and be able to produce design goals and plans that either meet there exact criteria or mimic it.

2.Create technical solutions to meet designer goals.

Project 2-4 each had unique problems that hat a wide range of technical solutions, each one of them where right in there own way. The main thing I took from the projects that were displayed in my work were how to come up with a decision making process on what elements of the production need to take presidency when picking a technical solution for a project, where it be cost, venue space,etc.

3.Generate Shop Drawings for scenic elements

My groups for Project 1 and 4 allowed me the to in charge of all the drafting for the project, giving me opportunity to draw out shop drawing to create elements of the show. for problem 2 and 3 I made sure to ask whoever was drafting it how they came up with certain solutions or for advice for future projects.

4.Produce planning and tracking paperwork for a scenery project.

Ever since project 2 I have had major influence in the budgeting and paperwork for each project. allowing me to improve on techniques, presentation styles and method. One major thing I learned was how to make the paperwork based on who I am presenting to. An example would be creating paperwork to be more budget and scheduled based to director or investors, while making it more construction oriented to a designer or shop head.

5.Read a script for technical information

One of the main goals of project 4 was to read the script for a play just a anyone would for a real production and make the set as real as possible. This causes decisions to be made on whats practical props or scenery elements, the location and time setting, etc. This has taught me to read into the small details of a script to pick up on ideas or guidelines of the design and build process of a play.


Overall I have learned to work with others on the production process of a show and the decisions,time, and knowledge needed to run and maintain a show outside a traditional classroom setting but not in the field. From here on out I will take more in to consideration when it comes to time, cost, design, and practice of a show.