Culmination Project: Superterranean

What is Superterranean?

-Superterranean is a show produced by Pig Iron Theater co. which held a work-in-progress showing at NYCCT Theaterworks in Voorhees Theater.

-Superterranean was designed by Tony Award-winner Mimi Lien and Directed by Dan Rothenberg.

Kenet Mejia- Technical Director

For this project my responsibility was the Technical Director for Superterranean.

-Superterranean T.D. Responsibilities Include:

  • Working with Mimi Lien on making designs of scenic elements a reality
  • Researching and composing both a budget and drawing for Scenery
  • Leading scenery/props crew on the construction of scenery

-John McCullough, Samantha Shoffner, Mimi Lien

Drawings and Files

Technical Directors main responsibilities involve producing the proper documentation and paperwork needed to build the show. Listed below are files needed to complete Superterranean.

SuperterraneanTechDrawings Column

SuperterraneanTechDrawings Chute

SuperterraneanTechDrawings Assembly

SuperterraneanColumnTechDrawings -AutoCad file

SuperT Budgeting Spreadsheet  -Excel file

Final Results

-Superterranean ran on-time with the designer and director happy with the show and scenery
-Repairs to damage caused during load-in fixed during strike
-Scenery was loaded onto a truck to be sent to their finished product in Philadelphia
-Deliverables sent to designer and director for Fall showing in Philadelphia

Learning Experience

-Improving budget estimation skills and organizing deliverables
-Learning more about spreadsheet software such as Excel.
-Communication skills with people both above and below in work hierarchy
– Experience with working alongside experienced and/or accredited members of the industry
-Differences in being a Leader and a Boss
-Improving Decision making skills and committing to choices overall without fear or doubt

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