I took a trip to the jewish Museum last month to help me write a paper. I really enjoyed the exhibits,. Here is my recap. Enjoy!

Your Next Getaway Awaits…

The problem of plastic pollution in our Earth’s oceans is a very real problem. People often know nothing about conservation and what actually happens to their waste. Littering is also something that New Yorkers tend to do without real consequence. But what happens when the Earth starts to really react to what we do to it? This image depicts what some of Earth’s most treasured getaway destinations could look like if we do not tackle this issue soon.

This is my version of a mock campaign to combat plastic waste for the WPCA

WPCA beach campaign

A mock campaign poster for the WPCA

Levis Logo: A Breif History…

Levis logo Final

Take a look at the history of the logo of my favorite denim brand: Levi’s Strauss and Co.

Click the link above to read. Enjoy.

leather patch with two horses

Levi’s Brand Two Horse Leather Patch

Visually Enhanced Quote

a visually enhanced quote by Horace Wapole.

It is human nature to traverse between tragedy and comedy in our daily life. While moments and feelings are fleeting, memories last forever. The quote juxtaposed against the background image can cause viewers to become contemplative themselves; “How have I felt in the past? How am I feeling now? Am I a comedic thinker? What tragedies have caused me to feel? ” There are so many ways to interpret this message and I believe this composition evokes deeper self analysis.


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