TOMS Shoe Commercial Thumbnails.

Script + Shot List

1. Its Morning, and guy is sleeping in bed.
CA: Establishing Shot
VO: “When we wake up to begin our day…”

2. He awakens from his sleep.
CA: Zoom in slowly
VO: “swamped in deadlines, leading meetings, or innovating the next big thing..”

3. He takes steps forward out of bed.
CA: Track back to follow footsteps
VO: “At least you’ll step into a world.. knowing you stepped into someone’s else shoes by purchasing a pair of your own.”

4. Guy gets dressed.
CA Medium Shot, Tilt up slow
VO: “TOMS classic shoe provides functional; fashionable comfort with a durable sole and insole for those on the go..”

5. While looking in the mirror adjusting coat.
CA: Close up, Pan Right Slow
VO: “Every pair of TOMS shoes purchased…

6. Looks down at shoe with slight smirk on face (thought).
Extreme Close Up Profile, Tilt Downward slow
VO: “One is given to a child in need.”

7. Shoe in hand.
CA: Insert/Cut Away of shoe in hands. Birds Eye Perspective.
“fashion that give back, now that’s innovative.”

8. TOMS Shoe (product) placed on foot. Show logo bottom right hand corner. Show Tag Line Upper Left Hand Corner
VO: “TOMS, One for One.”

Storyboard Concepts – Assignment #7 – Noir Mystery & Suspense

Project 2.Page1

Project 2.Page2

Project 2.Page3

Project 2.Page4

Project 2.Page5

Shot List

Kaisha Jones
Storyboard Concepts 1
Fall 2013 – Oct 7, 2013
Shot List – Assignment #4
Noir Project #2 – Mystery and Suspense

Act 1. Scene 1: Location: Queens, NY sidewalk– 8:23pm, cloudy, rainy/drizzling/slight fog and atmospheric.
F1. Low Angle/Cut In/BEV (Bugs Eye View) Feet walking down street toward camera while camera (Track Back)
F2. ES (Establishing shot)/(full shot)/Dolly Introduce female lead character – enters the scene, walking down street and behind her a silhouette of someone walking behind her.
F3. CU (close up) She looks over shoulder senses someone following behind her.
F4. (Pan Right) After seeing demon entity, shot of her opening car door, in terror.
F5. CU (Close Up) She stares out car window and no longer sees demon.
F6. (Insert)/CI (Cut-In) Hand on car key turns on the ignition
F7. (Camera Tilt Up) see the malevolent spirit – glowing eye looking back at her in rearview mirror.
F8. CU (Close Up)/(Zoom Out) Demon lunges in forward towards camera.
F9. CU (Close Up) Profile/(Camera Pan First Right, Then Left) she screams in terror – demon covers her mouth to muffle scream.
F10. ECU (Extreme Close Up) of female lead face being grabbed from behind driver side chair.
F11. (CU Zoom Out) The Possession. Demon manifest enters mouth and nose
F12. ES (Establishing shot) of the car (Zoom Out Slowly)
F13. (Pan Left Slowly) then (Zoom Out). Distortion of body.
F14. CU (Close Up)/(Slow Zoom In). of female lead now possessed by demon – face altered.
F15. Track Car (Right) Car pulls off and turns corner.


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