Adjusting to the ethics

My responsibilities in terms of ethics during the pandemic in every way, adjusted. As an individual, I had to adjust myself to the idea of staying home. In terms of design, I would use information that is accurate and up to date. In that way people will understand the impact of the virus and the importance of not going out as much as they used to. If I were to design for a different target audience, I would think of ways to get their attention. If I were to design for kids, I would use colors that are more vibrant and illustrations that are easy to understand. We also have to think where are we going to play this ads. For teenagers, mature adults and seniors, I would use social media and for kids probably Youtube.

I believe that, in terms of ethics, a company has to help their workers by providing computers and the different softwares they need to do their job. Moreover, since they are going online, they might be sharing their apartment and companies have to understand the fact that in some cases, or specific occasions their employees have the right not to turn off their cameras. Keeping their thoughts to themselves in terms of criticizing how their peers live is another way of maintaining and promoting ethics in this online environment.