Adjusting to the ethics

My responsibilities in terms of ethics during the pandemic in every way, adjusted. As an individual, I had to adjust myself to the idea of staying home. In terms of design, I would use information that is accurate and up to date. In that way people will understand the impact of the virus and the importance of not going out as much as they used to. If I were to design for a different target audience, I would think of ways to get their attention. If I were to design for kids, I would use colors that are more vibrant and illustrations that are easy to understand. We also have to think where are we going to play this ads. For teenagers, mature adults and seniors, I would use social media and for kids probably Youtube.

I believe that, in terms of ethics, a company has to help their workers by providing computers and the different softwares they need to do their job. Moreover, since they are going online, they might be sharing their apartment and companies have to understand the fact that in some cases, or specific occasions their employees have the right not to turn off their cameras. Keeping their thoughts to themselves in terms of criticizing how their peers live is another way of maintaining and promoting ethics in this online environment.

Interning and the pandemic


The pandemic has changed everything, from the way we shop, to the way we communicate. In terms of my internship, I have been working via zoom. I use this platform to talk to my clients, my supervisor and my colleagues. This week I have been working on a blog post that is going to be displayed online on gesture blog. We are now living on an online environment, therefore we have to work in that way.

Politico Magazine posted an article called “Coronavirus Will Change the World Permanently. Here’s How.” There were different people talking about the same problem and probably that is what made it more interesting to me. In A New Kind of Patriotism, Mark Lawrence Schrad said “America has long equated patriotism with the armed forces. But you can’t shoot a virus” I agree with that, we saw how the virus was spreading around the country. Millions of people were infected and the government was not able to hold or reduce the spread. This virus has changed everything around us, in a positive, but also, in a negative way.

After reading the articles about artists, designers, and Coronavirus, we designers are vital. What stood out to me the most was the comparison between artists and doctors under the Design Week article, as designers, we can make a difference. We can use our art to make people understand the importance of staying home, keeping social distancing, washing their hands, and wearing a mask. I also liked how The Outline criticized some of the artwork posted during the pandemic. I realized how important it is for us to check our final pieces, or get feedback.

Ethics Assignment: 2A Ethics and Design

Ethics Assignment: 2A Ethics and Design

After reading these articles my perspective about the my design work has changed. I’ve learned the importance of giving credit in case I use someone else’s work. Not only was it not our own design work, but it can be dangerous and is overall not professional to steal somebody else’s work.

When designing for classes, I’ve used somebody else’s images. However, all of them have been downloaded from free sources that allow use of the images in our own way. Until now, I haven’t given credit as I didn’t know how imperative it really was. Essentially, the idea here is that as you go on in design, you learn the importance of often over looked instances such as plagiarism.

The New York Times article about Fairey’s Copyright Case explains how important it is to issue recognition to the original author of the art we decide to use in our projects. It wasn’t ethical of Fairey to use false images to justify his actions. Mistakes are inevitable, but you grow by learning from them. I didn’t have a general idea of ethics and design until this course. This case is special in the sense that both parties reached an agreement. I think Fairey learned from his actions and would think twice using a photograph without giving credit to the author.

If we want to avoid discrepancies such as criminal investigations, ethics in design are an essential set of rules we have to keep at the forefront of creating.

Ethics assignment 1A

Design ethics means that you must consider the context of the product created and this is very important, especially if you want to be successful in the respective industry. Confidentiality and professionalism are imperative.

This week, I again got more situated with my transitioning from a student to an intern in this agency. Gesture was in the process of switching platforms that harbored the bulk of communications between all of us in these different teams. The CEO decided it was most cost efficient and conducive to our communications to abandon slack and use Cliq instead. A few day ago he renounced Slack and sent us all emails on how we’d go about logging into our new Cliq accounts. Personally, Slack worked just fine but it could just be that it seems more familiar and this is all simply just a matter of needing some time to get used to Cliq.

In my opinion, the fact that I am constantly adapting the ethical rules of design in my routine is preparing me for future endeavors.

Working hard


For this week of the internship experience I got myself acclimated with the routine of the agency. Gesture hosts team wide meetings every Wednesday that helps us all get to know each other a bit better. These meetings include conversation prompts that sparks larger discussion and some fun side games. The idea is to facilitate and promote engagement with each other, under the circumstances that the pandemic has put onto mostly every aspect of life.

This stood out a strong example of how an internship can impact your career. An internship builds character especially due to the fact that you are adding skills and experience to your repertoire and your resume. Collaterally connections are made due to the fact that you are networking as your are working without even knowing it.


I met more of my colleagues at my company. I attended our “Fireside Chat” where we had a guest speaker who spoke on her first time being a CEO and what it was like when she finally did feel like an actual CEO. Honestly, that was alright, She did not feel like a CEO until she hired her first interns to the company, I felt the same way that week, though. I don’t feel like an actual copywriting intern until I get some tasks.

I expect to take away a good looking chunk of experience for my resume, and my social media presence to be updated to a good standard. I realized slowly it’s all a building process. You start at one place get experience and build here then more doors and opportunities will gradually open.

Learning in the internship


My new supervisor met with me for my weekly meeting we spoke a bit about the industry and he left me with some words of wisdom

“A strong digital presence is essential for breaking into the design industry, but students who only focus on virtual networking may miss out on some career opportunities.”

This stood out to me because it is an interesting view to me altogether. Looking at the design industry in a contemporary perspective, networking is largely not the same as it was a year or two ago. The primary way to network now is online through professional or social media platforms

practice makes perfect


On this week I had created my 30-60-90-180 plan with my Manager and I found out it was the CEO. Im in this position as a copywriting intern with another intern. We were going to meet this week to discuss what we would be getting out our positions. The manager told us both that working under him would be a huge deal for our resumes interns of people that will see we worked closely with him.

I got know my new supervisor and had to introduce myself so i talked about my first major interview for a position with anything related to my field and I felt a lot of pressure, simply based off the strength of what this meant. The position entailed me working closely under the companies CEO, it would be a great addition to my resume for future applications and it would give me a sense of what it is like to work in the industry. Describing myself, the things I believe in when it comes to executing powerful writing and getting to know my colleagues was a new but good feeling experience.

Getting my first internship

My second week of this internship with Gesture went slow. I needed to create a post with my introduction to the team. So far, there had been no copywriting tasks assigned to my colleague and I under this internship program. I was definintely looking forward to starting soon as this point.

It took some time to get used to the website of Gesture Overall the website has a pretty compact yet dynamic layout. Information is plentiful as soon as the page has fully loaded and the viewer is almost instantly cast into a myriad of topics being featured. Personally, this works, as having a layout that harbors information in such a spontaneous manner elicits interest for the visitor. On the other hand, a slew of topics being thrown at a new viewer may be a bit overwhelming to handle all at once, especially for an unfamiliar visitor to the site. The topics introduced as a whole are interesting, though, this excuses the “confusing” layout aspect as anyone can easily click a post, read a bit and feel more at ease with the sites navigation.