Topography Exercises and Answers

I have posted the following for you: (follow this link – go to day 11) )

  • Blank Topography Worksheets
  • PowerPoint Presentation with Answers
  • PowerPoint Lecture on Topography
  • Practice Quiz for Slope Types

I decided to clean these up and add additional instructions in the PowerPoint so that it would be easier for you to follow when you are working on this on your own.  I added additional notations for example H for highpoints and L for lowpoints.

I also moved the exercise that we tended to do first from the lower left corner to the upper right (see exercises R1-R3) so please use these blank worksheets so they match the powerpoint.

My recommendation is that you repeat these on your own, then again with a classmate.  We will continue to work on these during the next class.

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  1. francisco says:

    hello professor,
    just thinking here, you said we are doing the quiz on circulation, but i dont see the lecture on the course document.

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