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Downtown brooklyn Research

These are very helpful links, the teams might find useful: 1. 2.

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Grading for Ecological Footprint is available

Grading is available for you Ecological Footprint Studies. Please refer to blackboard to view your grade. If your work was incomplete in some way you have been asked to resubmit. If you do not resubmit the current grade will stand. … Continue reading

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Deadline for Team PowerPoint Presentations

All Team PowerPoint presentations are to be uploaded no later than Thursday September 20th by 12 noon. I will download them all Thursday afternoon and will have them available for our class presentations. If you were absent you must contact … Continue reading

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Questions on Shading Calculation Assignment Using Trig

I recommend you go about solving this problem two ways – both by doing your calculations and by drawing it in section using AutoCad.  If you do not get the same answers from both check both your drawing and your … Continue reading

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Current Assignments and Reminders

All of the powerpoints and homeworks are now posted here under course documents.  There are two current assignments: Sun Chart Questions Sun Chart and Trigonometry Please upload them to the assignments section of blackboard no later Thursday night the 13th … Continue reading

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Extra Credit Assignment – Avatar and Banner

I am still hoping to gather student submissions for course avatars and banners. Follow this link and respond to the discussion to upload your.

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