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  1. juli says:

    Great slide guys! The reason it is actually called transmitter park because from 1937 – 1990 the park used to have two transmitter towers broadcasting its am frequencies, until it transferred to the meadowland’s.

  2. Camile Brown says:

    I really enjoyed you guys presentation on open space @ the am gms group! i loved the fact that was able to clearly follow and understand your presentation concepts and ideas. I think you guys are on the right track as to how you can make these open spaces more sufficient reliable for both locals and tourist.

  3. shycior hung says:

    Presentation from the PM is organized. There are indeed missing photos of the team. It would have been better to be more explanatory on your slides instead of just bulletting single words. Not quite sure if your topic is CIRCULATION.

  4. The second presentation, In the design strategy, you guys suggest in making vacant buildings into parking lot areas. This might turn into a liability. Buildings make shade and contain the microclimate cooler at certain times a day. If turned into parking lots this might cause the microclimate to be warmer and the asphalt to make the lot will enhance that.

  5. Definitely enjoyed both the presentations. Some comparable notices, the top .ppt is far less developed then the bottom. You both include very important assets and liabilites, however design strategies, circulation strategies and even the climate strategies are extremely underdeveloped. I understand we just started, but with a topic as vague as open space, I truly think you guys could manipulate the site to your advantage. All in all, great job!!!

  6. The second presentation suggested that there should be walkways and bike lane that goes around the park without crossing the street, I think that this idea will be a great point that can be included in our strategy (I’m part of the circulation team). Thanks

  7. Fernando says:

    I think that certain buildings might have some typed of historical background, I guess your team ( PM team) should find out the building that have historical importances in the area ,it will help you with the design strategy.

  8. Aura says:

    (1st presentation) one suggestion that i could give is to develop more on the team map. Describe what type of open space are available or identify some key elements in the map that will help us understand what you are trying to research on open space.

  9. Lennart Magi says:

    its funny to see how historic sites can conflict with open spaces. and not only open spaces, but it could conflict even with circulation. for instance restoring the historic railroads, can negatively affect roads, and can get very costly to maintain the road smoothness. just a thought out loud

  10. I like the idea of the swimming pool in the AM powerpoint, but I’m not sure about the exact area. If there was a pool there should be more shade in the area so the pool is not in direct sunlight all the time. In addition to that, the noise factor from the bridges could also be a negative aspect

    • Manli Xu says:

      Our team map (working-in-progress) maybe the solution to identify the exact location. Personally opinion, the direct sunlight may help the pool to maintain certain water temperature – save energy.

  11. Luis Weber says:

    For the open space, you can add different types of facilities as well as parks and plazas to create a space for pedestrians. Also one can have activities on those areas for tourists.

    • Manli Xu says:

      Not sure if you are suggesting designate park for local vs tourists, however, we may try to add more functions to the existing & proposed space that would both accomendating for both local and tourists.

  12. I think you guys are lacking with the addition of photos in your assets and liability slides. You guys are extremely organized, however it’s hard to really get the point of assets and liabilities without showing them! I also would have liked to see physical representations of the circulation and design strategies, even just a rough sketch. All in all, wonderful presentation!

  13. OpenSpace pesentation 1. I think you guys did good, but I dont understand why you think historical sites are liabity? i think it could be a good asset because people might come to the water front just for the historical site. Maybe adding specific photos to your liability and assets will explain it better more details as well.

  14. Openspace presentation 2. You guys Did really well. you are at the top of my favorite presentations. I really like the way you guys arranged your information in a very precise way. Great Job!

  15. I agree with most of the comments for the PM presentation. You guys really cover all the nessesary information for you particular topic. I really like the way you guys organized the map using numbers, follow by the names. Great presentation too, I think you guys overall did great. The only one thing I would recomend is adding more pictures for the information.

  16. I like the a.m. group design strategy on slide 15. I had kind of the same idea

  17. shycior hung says:

    i enjoyed the second presentation. Watch your grammar errors, Overall I found great ideas for the ideas. As for the assets, you might not want to over repeat the same things from the inventory part. The assets should be the valuable things that people and the site can benefit from. Not from direct observations. As for circulation strategies, you should stay to your topic “OPEN SPACE”. A suggestion would be: how would you improve the circulation patterns so that people will be able to enjoy the paths on your future open spaces. Such as the idea of the swimming pool. Consider the weather change. Perhaps a very nice enclosure on that pool that could be open for all seasons. People do swim and jog in the cold seasons. :))

    • yhass says:

      All the group topics correlate with one another. you cant take steps on utilizing open space without taking circulation, climate and other topics into consideration.

  18. For the PM class, maybe try and talk about how the historical sites could be a liability. Most of Brooklyn is made up of historical assets to the community, maybe try and talk about how to fix the historical parts that need fixing and make them more of a spot for tourism

  19. As far as the second presentation goes. Do you guys have any plans to incorporate the area underneath the Manhattan bridge? I noticed your design strategies are limited mainly to in and around the Brooklyn Bridge. I feel that the current design is adequate and maybe it would be more successful looking at the not so adequate areas!

  20. Rosangel peralta says:

    For the PM class i think that you guys have good inf. but it is kind of hard to follow and understand maybe if you introduce some image or explain a little more your ideas it will be more clear. I did like the idea of the rail road restoration i think its great and maybe it can be link and help the circulation and history group…

  21. shycior hung says:

    Liked the AM presentation. When coming up with the circulation strategies, you guyys have to think where bikers might come from different directions. you just pointed out the walkways without crossing the streets from old furman st. What about DUMBO area. you can think of closing up all those street connections and make the streets open space for bikers, pedestrians and public access only. That will make the place more inviting and give more a sense of direction for those who dont know the waterfront. Realize, in that area is very noisy, plus so many cars passing by, roads are horrible to drive through.

  22. shycior hung says:


    please take a look at this website. for those who are thinking to demolish either of the old buildings. Little did you know, there are 91 old buildings landmarked by the city. You might take a different approach towards your design strategies.

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