Questions on Shading Calculation Assignment Using Trig

I recommend you go about solving this problem two ways – both by doing your calculations and by drawing it in section using AutoCad.  If you do not get the same answers from both check both your drawing and your calculations as they should both match.

Step by Step:

  1. Sketch by hand in section showing the overhang or hedge and the building.
  2. Label all the information you know (height of the window, etc.)
  3. Check the sun chart to figure out the angle to use based on the chosen date – add this to your diagram.
  4. Remember S(O/H) C(A/H) T(O/A) when trying to decide if you need to use Sine, Cosign or Tangent.   (remember O = Opposite and H = Hypotenuse)

What to hand in:

  • submit a PDF of your work.  If you work by hand scan this and put it into a pdf.  If you work in AutoCad – print your drawing to PDF and include this.  You must show all your calculations.  Drawing in AutoCad is optional (but very useful) the Trig calculation are mandatory.

This is a useful link that explains the use of Sine, Cosine and Tangent.


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  1. Camile Brown says:

    hello prof. king
    I started the homework, but I don’t have a scientific calculator to use

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