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Wall Section Sheets Started for Monday

A-401      Solid Wall Section for Details A-402     Glass/Curtain wall Wall Section for Details Just get these started so we can work on these during class.

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Graded – Architectural Set Presentation Due Friday by Midnight

Please include the following: A-000    Cover sheet   (include 2 3d images and the Architectural Drawings List (required) A-100    Basement Floor Plan (required) A-101     Level 1 Floor Plan (required) A-102    Level 2 Floor Plan (required) A-103    Level 3 Floor Plan (required) … Continue reading

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Delgado_Luis_Wall System_fall2017_November 22

Delgado_Luis_Wall System_fall2017_November 22

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Autodesk sketchbook link for students This software is very useful for hand sketches and coloring. (the student version may not have all the features and it might be best if you have a touch screen laptop or a stylus pad.)

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Grading Stats for the Structural Set

I posted the rest of the structural grading.  For most of you these grades with redmarked sheets have already been uploaded.  For those who submitted late your grades are now in blackboard with your markups as well. Note: F grades … Continue reading

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Noor Shaheen Wall Systems

ARCH2330_Facade Construction_Noor Shaheen

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Solid Facade & Curtain Wall Selection-3

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ARCH 2330_Solid wall system _Ying Ren

Ying Ren Curtain Wall System Solid Wall

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