Graded – Architectural Set Presentation Due Friday by Midnight

Please include the following:

  • A-000¬† ¬† Cover sheet¬† ¬†(include 2 3d images and the Architectural Drawings List¬†(required)
  • A-100¬† ¬† Basement Floor Plan¬†(required)
  • A-101¬† ¬† ¬†Level 1 Floor Plan¬†(required)
  • A-102¬† ¬† Level 2 Floor Plan¬†(required)
  • A-103¬† ¬† Level 3 Floor Plan¬†(required)
  • A-104¬† ¬† ¬†Roof Plan¬† ¬†(required)
    (note: you may have more or less sheets depending on the number of levels of your building.  If two plans fit on a sheet you can format it that way as well.  For floor plans include room names/numbers, door numbers, column grids and dimensions etc.  We will add door schedules together in class)
  • A-200¬† ¬†Basement Reflected Ceiling Plan (RCP)¬†(optional)
  • A-201¬† ¬† Level 1 RCP¬† (required)
  • A-202¬† ¬† Level 2 RCP¬† (optional)
  • A-203¬† ¬† Level 3 RCP¬†(optional)
    (note:  you again may have more or less depending on the building.  Include Room names/numbers with leaders on moved to the outside of the plan.  Column grids and dimensions.  Show ceilings, lighting, air supply/return)
  • A-301¬† ¬† Exterior Elevations¬† (north and south)
  • A-302¬† ¬† Exterior Elevations (east and west)
  • A-303¬† ¬† Full Building Section 1
  • A-304¬† ¬† Full Building Section 2
    (note:  you may have more or fewer sheets depending upon your building Рshow exterior walls, windows, curtain walls with mullions, exterior doors, etc.  Levels should be visible on the left side)
  • A-401¬† ¬† ¬† Solid Wall Section for Details (optional for this set – have this for Monday)
  • A-402¬† ¬† ¬†Glass/Curtain wall Wall Section for Details¬†¬† (optional for this set – have this for Monday)
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