Scavenger Hunt Assignment

The assignment is due by midnight on Sunday October 8th.  The assignment should include a minimum of three sheets (three separate stories) – additional pages may be included only after the required sheets are complete.  Please review to the Powerpoint that describes the assignment if you have questions.


Remember that when you explain anything you should look to have 4 views. The scale of your groups of 4 should match.  The scale should be at least 1/2″=1′-0″ or larger.  If you create a secondary group of images again to explain something in greater detail do this in groups of 4.

  • Plan
  • Elevation 1
  • Elevation 2 or a Section
  • An Isometric

In addition to the views you must describe the details by adding the following:

  • Notes with Leaders
  • Dimensions
  • Detail Items (insert detail item families)
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