Zoning Presentation Guidelines

Keep your presentations in the basic order of the sheets I laid out in class:
All teams are to follow this organization.

  • Slide 1- Title and Team members
    • remember to name the file correctly. ¬†Include the word zoning and the names of each team member. ¬†It must be uploaded by midnight Tuesday to blackboard by 1 team member.
    • remember to credit the slides
  • ¬†Location
    • Environs map showing the site, Zoning Map, Zoning type (C6-2), Block and Lot, Building Address, FAR options.
    • Site plan with footprint and area for the purpose of FAR calculations. ¬†Include FAR calculation.
  • The Zoning Envelope
    • Show Site Plan (Narrow/Wide and street Names)
    • List all information you identified together in a single slide, List of Narrow/Wide streets for your site, base height, setbacks (narrow/wide), sky exposure plane (narrow/wide), rear yard setback requirements.
    • Isometric massing of the envelope – show all 4 views (NE/NW/SE/SW), 2 sections. ¬†Drawings must contain dimensions and labels.
  • Your Zoning Proposal
    • Evaluate the build-ability of your site and your proposed building. ¬†Are you asking for a variance? ¬†If so explain why the site is limited before you ask for the variance. ¬†If you ask for a variance, make a clear argument. ¬†If you have options show them here.
  • Your backup data (the zoning code)
    • This should be at the end of the presentation. ¬†This backs up all of your conclusions.
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