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COMD 1100 – Graphic Principles 1 (Spring 2016)


My design goal is to do something I love and am passionate about. I’m taking this class in hopes to further my skills in this area as well as understand it better. I hope to learn a lot and use the skills I do learn to further my own experience for future reference.


All kinds of work inspires me. I enjoy design and observing art and where it comes from. I especially enjoy looking at work that is personal and dear to the artist. While artwork inspired by other massive artists is also great to look at, I like work that comes from an important meaning. The history and background story of the work inspires me and pushes me to learn more about it and the aspect of it.


I prefer┬áto work on the computer. I am more technical when it comes to design. I also do like to work in the other areas such as with a marker, pencil, in small notebooks, collages, planned out, spontaneous, etc. I do enjoy making collages a lot, whether it’s on the computer or from cutting out physical copies of images and text. I also am more of a planner, me finding it more convenient when it comes to bigger projects but also knowing to enjoy the fun of being spontaneous with small fun projects.


I would be interested in collaborating in murals, collages, web design, advertisement, 3D or technical projects. I find that doing a project that includes multiple people’s point of view and ideas would come a long way and further better the project. While I do like working by myself for most of the part, I do understand what it means to work in a group and work with others so I really find anything where I can help put my own personal twist in interesting.

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