Project #3 (Value Project)

On your eportfolio post pictures from project 3 (Value project) and tell us what you learned.


The Value Scale Project was definitely a difficult project to finish up. This was definitely one of the hardest to finish up but I did try my hardest.


This scale where I had to make from gouache, pencil, texture and magazine was difficult for me to make all the perfect squares to go into place. It was also difficult to make sure everything was at the perfect shade from going from white to black.



Doing the texture portion of this project was one of the funniest part to do. Because I did a lot of dots for the texture, it was hard to get it all done but I managed to do it to the extent that I wanted to and it is one of my favorite parts.





Gouache was also difficult in creating in making being I had to make sure everything was in the lines and that the craftsmanship was good which obviously wasn’t too great on my part no matter how hard I tried.



Using the pencil to create the different values in this piece proved to be harder than I thought being i had to make sure everything was smooth. Since the background was also the lightest white, I wasn’t sure where to go with the border but in the end I definitely learned that I should’ve erased all extra pencil marks to make the craftsmanship a lot better.



While creating the magazine piece I learned that I should’ve chosen pieces that didn’t have writing clear in the background that in the end bled through the lighter pieces. I also realized too late that I should’ve added the whitest white magazine piece in the background instead of just leaving it blank.

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