Companies I’d like to work for

On your eportfolio post 3 companies that you’d like to work for and tell us why. Include links to their websites.


  1. Tumblr

    Being I am a massive fan and user of Tumblr, I would really like to work for them myself. I would like to put my own personal experience and thoughts on the site and app in order to help improve it and add what other users strongly feel should be implemented on the website. I would like to further improve my skills in photo/video editing and web designing.

  2. Marvel

    As a fan of the movies and comics, I feel like I would really enjoy working here. Not only would I be able to keep an eye on how the process in movie making and comic distributing works, I would also really actually enjoy what I learn and understand it being I am a fan myself.

  3. Buzzfeed

    I am a big fan of this site and their content. Along with their articles, I watch most of their videos and always tend to wonder how the process in coming up with the ideas or even editing the videos themselves goes along so I would be really honored and determined to learn more from them and the process in video making and article writing.

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