Back and Forth Geometric and Organic Shape Composition Exercise


Creating the first piece was a lot easier for me considering and I had fun creating it for the first time.


The second image was harder considering I had to cut the negative space out from a piece already created then had to cut it again to create a whole new shape.


Creating the third image was definitely harder, especially since I didn’t want to create anything similar to the piece before this one.


For the final image, realizing some of the shapes looked like something and I knew that wasn’t supposed to happen, I knew I had to be careful.


Overall, I learned that shapes and positive and negative space is all something that can be very difficult to understand especially as a first time creator of art like this. Having to cut up the negative space and create an entirely new piece without adding or taking away any of it was difficult but after manipulating the shapes and using the positive space to my advantage, I was able to come up with four very different pieces.

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