Assignment #3

Coming across the article When a White Square is More Than a White Square on the New York Times, I immediately became infatuated with the art presented in this article.¬†Robert Ryman’s abstract paintings have this beautiful simplicity to them. Whether it’s the ‘Untitled’ or ‘Counsel’ painting, he finds a way to capture the color white and different textures and size of the paintings. His different techniques in creating each different painting is all very interesting and unique in his own way which I feel had me more intrigued with his art. My favorite had to be Accord. Not only was it very different from his paintings since it was made from aluminum with bolts. I believe it’s simplicity is what drew me in.¬†Arista is also very interesting because instead of using paint, he used fabric. It also wasn’t a completely new piece of fabric which made it that much better. The holes in it from old staples helped give it a small but better look.


Accord ; creator: Robert Ryman



the article


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