Cooper Hewitt

Have a look at the Cooper Hewitt website, and on your eportfolio post something that you are excited to see when we go next week.


Something that I am excited to see when we go on this trip to the Cooper Hewitt museum is the Immersion Room. It is a high tech space that provides a pen to be able to select digital images of wallpapers or to sketch our own so I feel like that would be very exciting to experience. While the rest of the place seems really exciting, this room is what really grabbed my attention.


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Project #3 (Value Project)

On your eportfolio post pictures from project 3 (Value project) and tell us what you learned.


The Value Scale Project was definitely a difficult project to finish up. This was definitely one of the hardest to finish up but I did try my hardest.


This scale where I had to make from gouache, pencil, texture and magazine was difficult for me to make all the perfect squares to go into place. It was also difficult to make sure everything was at the perfect shade from going from white to black.



Doing the texture portion of this project was one of the funniest part to do. Because I did a lot of dots for the texture, it was hard to get it all done but I managed to do it to the extent that I wanted to and it is one of my favorite parts.





Gouache was also difficult in creating in making being I had to make sure everything was in the lines and that the craftsmanship was good which obviously wasn’t too great on my part no matter how hard I tried.



Using the pencil to create the different values in this piece proved to be harder than I thought being i had to make sure everything was smooth. Since the background was also the lightest white, I wasn’t sure where to go with the border but in the end I definitely learned that I should’ve erased all extra pencil marks to make the craftsmanship a lot better.



While creating the magazine piece I learned that I should’ve chosen pieces that didn’t have writing clear in the background that in the end bled through the lighter pieces. I also realized too late that I should’ve added the whitest white magazine piece in the background instead of just leaving it blank.

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Companies I’d like to work for

On your eportfolio post 3 companies that you’d like to work for and tell us why. Include links to their websites.


  1. Tumblr

    Being I am a massive fan and user of Tumblr, I would really like to work for them myself. I would like to put my own personal experience and thoughts on the site and app in order to help improve it and add what other users strongly feel should be implemented on the website. I would like to further improve my skills in photo/video editing and web designing.

  2. Marvel

    As a fan of the movies and comics, I feel like I would really enjoy working here. Not only would I be able to keep an eye on how the process in movie making and comic distributing works, I would also really actually enjoy what I learn and understand it being I am a fan myself.

  3. Buzzfeed

    I am a big fan of this site and their content. Along with their articles, I watch most of their videos and always tend to wonder how the process in coming up with the ideas or even editing the videos themselves goes along so I would be really honored and determined to learn more from them and the process in video making and article writing.

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Change in Value, Hue, Saturation, etc.

1 2 3 4 5

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Back and Forth Geometric and Organic Shape Composition Exercise


Creating the first piece was a lot easier for me considering and I had fun creating it for the first time.


The second image was harder considering I had to cut the negative space out from a piece already created then had to cut it again to create a whole new shape.


Creating the third image was definitely harder, especially since I didn’t want to create anything similar to the piece before this one.


For the final image, realizing some of the shapes looked like something and I knew that wasn’t supposed to happen, I knew I had to be careful.


Overall, I learned that shapes and positive and negative space is all something that can be very difficult to understand especially as a first time creator of art like this. Having to cut up the negative space and create an entirely new piece without adding or taking away any of it was difficult but after manipulating the shapes and using the positive space to my advantage, I was able to come up with four very different pieces.

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Assignment #3

Coming across the article When a White Square is More Than a White Square on the New York Times, I immediately became infatuated with the art presented in this article. Robert Ryman’s abstract paintings have this beautiful simplicity to them. Whether it’s the ‘Untitled’ or ‘Counsel’ painting, he finds a way to capture the color white and different textures and size of the paintings. His different techniques in creating each different painting is all very interesting and unique in his own way which I feel had me more intrigued with his art. My favorite had to be Accord. Not only was it very different from his paintings since it was made from aluminum with bolts. I believe it’s simplicity is what drew me in. Arista is also very interesting because instead of using paint, he used fabric. It also wasn’t a completely new piece of fabric which made it that much better. The holes in it from old staples helped give it a small but better look.


Accord ; creator: Robert Ryman



the article


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COMD 1100 – Graphic Principles 1 (Spring 2016)


My design goal is to do something I love and am passionate about. I’m taking this class in hopes to further my skills in this area as well as understand it better. I hope to learn a lot and use the skills I do learn to further my own experience for future reference.


All kinds of work inspires me. I enjoy design and observing art and where it comes from. I especially enjoy looking at work that is personal and dear to the artist. While artwork inspired by other massive artists is also great to look at, I like work that comes from an important meaning. The history and background story of the work inspires me and pushes me to learn more about it and the aspect of it.


I prefer to work on the computer. I am more technical when it comes to design. I also do like to work in the other areas such as with a marker, pencil, in small notebooks, collages, planned out, spontaneous, etc. I do enjoy making collages a lot, whether it’s on the computer or from cutting out physical copies of images and text. I also am more of a planner, me finding it more convenient when it comes to bigger projects but also knowing to enjoy the fun of being spontaneous with small fun projects.


I would be interested in collaborating in murals, collages, web design, advertisement, 3D or technical projects. I find that doing a project that includes multiple people’s point of view and ideas would come a long way and further better the project. While I do like working by myself for most of the part, I do understand what it means to work in a group and work with others so I really find anything where I can help put my own personal twist in interesting.

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