Week 14 Final Project 2

For this week i went to follow the steps from the document i wrote based off the video i seen and i got a program that i can use to record my screen. As i was working on setting up the unity file i realized when i got to the part when i had to set up the player settings one of the parts were grayed out and i couldn’t get access to it. so i decided to look up what the problem was and people said to delete the java 9 or 8 , but i didn’t understand what they were talking about. another person said to tray and use 2019.2 and it should work but another person said they did that and they still had that problem. Based off of that i decided to use 2019.1 and it worked there. Starting in another version i had to restart the process. another problem that came up was when i started working on the code and unity didn’t recognize some of the stuff that was typed. i some how fixed the first code and got the AR function to work on my phone but by with the second code to get my object to spawn was not working at all and i’m still working on fixing it. I’m just happy that i’m getting somewhere. the next thing i need to work on is to get the object to spawn and show how to export as an FBX from MAYA and Blender and bring it into Unity.