Week 13 Final Project .1

For this week i am working on creating a tutorial on how to work with AR Foundation in unity. With this week i took the time to focus on looking at tutorials on how to work with AR Foundation. There are different ways of doing it through unity but i feel AR foundation is better to work with because it’s free. If i were to work with Vuforia in unity¬† would have to pay for it to get the API. most tutorials that i saw mostly worked around vuforia and i found that doing through there is easier but its too expensive. So i’m deciding to work with the Foundation instead. As i was looking the tutorials i wrote down a step by step process on how they created the app so i can see if i can follow my notes and create it myself and the other part i’m going to add in is how to export a model from Maya and Blender as an FBX and import it into unity. i could show how to make simple model but the main focus is on the AR app it’s self. The platform for the AR that i will be focusing on how to show is on a Android platform.