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I want to do an idea that is not basic, but out there. Out there in the sense that, it’s different. Different from what most video culmination projects have been on. I want to bring something uniquely interesting to the table with this assignment that makes people think. A little thought provoking and unusual to the mind. I’d like to have it on a topic that most people aren’t aware of and I’d like to bring attention to that, the same way Vice News does with many of their documentary pieces.


I have so many ideas that I would like to do for my video culmination, but I just want to choose an idea that I can actually do, that I can physically afford and one I can pull off. I have friends who are invested or work in various fields of Entertainment media, whether it be sound, video work etc. I’m just hoping they can come through for me and be willing to share their time and assist me with this project.


I have found a subject for my short documentary! I’m excited because I found this person really by chance. I was talking to a friend of mine about potential ideas for my video culmination and the topic of Asexuality was one I was interested in doing, but didn’t know if I could because where would I find that person? In talking, my friend Justin said a mutual friend of ours has a friend whom they both know is Asexual and that she’s a cool girl who would be open to the idea of being a part of this type of production. I got her Facebook, talked a little there, exchanged numbers and we just hit it off and where she said she is willing to serve as the subject in my short documentary on Asexuality.


The hardest part about putting together this short film documentary is getting together the parties involved with this project. It’s not a major production, but at the same time it’s just hard to coordinate the schedule times of the subject, video person, and sound guy. They’re all people I know to various degrees, but it’s just hard to get everything in accordance to just do in one day, or a set given amount of days.


I met Kristie for the first time in person tonight. An interesting girl I might say. We met up with some friends of mine in the City to watch a musical performance and then have dinner after. During dinner was where I got to really introduce myself, tell who I was, what I’m currently doing in college and the overall basis for the documentary. Through opening up to her, she was able to do the same and I was able to see her personality in doing so. Light hearted, where the conversation can range from different aspects and not limited to a finite amount of subjects. I shared some of the questions I intend to ask her on camera and she was just giving me her perspective on Asexuality, which was very interesting to here. The answers she gave were layered, where she viewed her sexual preference as not just disliking men or women, but more so the disinterest in the sexual aspect of a relationship. The conversation got deep, but I didn’t want to here any more because I wanted to save it for the actual interview.

MARCH 11th

Getting Kristie’s availability to start the production of the documentary before Spring Break is hard. Work, school, and other stuff occupy her time and I’d like to get something done before Spring Break, but I’d rather wait until Spring Break myself because am occupied with the same stuff … minus the work at least. I’m just banking on one day during Spring Break we’ll be able to meet up and just get the assignment done.

MARCH 18th

I’m worried about my cameraman Sean. I feel like this dude owes me this favor, and it should just be a natural thing for him to willingly want to do for me, instead of it feeling like me having to constantly see if he’s invested in helping me with this assignment. Like he’ll occupy his time to help other people with video related work, and these aren’t even people he personally knows or has really done much for him that I can say I’ve done in his life as his friend. He needs to do a better job of cooperating with me and listening to what I have to say when it comes to this assignment.

MARCH 20th

SO MAD! I cannot believe that Kristie is on this trip. Like I’m so dumbfounded, this is beyond surprising because I asked her if she was going and she said she wasn’t sure, so I figured it was a no. And to my surprise I see her as soon as I walk in the lobby door of the Hotel retreat. If I only knew she was going to be there, I would’ve had Sean who is also here, bring his camera, which he did not. I’m upset because this would’ve been the ideal location and scenario to get this project done. It sucks, but at the same time this weekend around her will help because she gets to know myself and Sean that much more, further building our relationship so that she’s even more comfortable being the featured person for this documentary.

MARCH 25th

I’m thankful that my friend Jad is more than willing to allow me to conduct my interview in his home studio. I’m ecstatic about that, and I owe him for that I feel. I’ll assist him in any way that I can for the remainder of the semester if he needs help with any work in classes that I’ve already done, or even his culmination project when he’s ready to work on that. He has a nice place, in which I feel Kristie and I can conduct a quality legit interview because Kristie will be comfortable and relaxed.

MARCH 27th

The “Vagina Monologues” was crazy. That production was very entertaining to watch as a young man in that audience hahaha lol it was funny, a lot of vagina talk with a creative, introspective, humorous twist to this part of the female anatomy. I’m very happy I went and showed support for Kristie by coming out to this production that she was a part of. It was cool and I’d definitely sit in on something like this again.


I have to get the sound production level of this assignment started and complete this Spring Break. I must have it done in order to return to class following Spring Break. I must have a typed up transcript as well of the overall interview. I must, I must get this done!

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