Some of courses I have taken include:

  • CST 2301 Multimedia and Mobile Device Programming
  • CSC 103 Intro to Computing
  • CST 2309 Web Programming I
  • CST 1204 Introduction to Databases

CST 2301 Overview:
This course will cover how the Java language can support applications on cell phones, PDAs and other small computational devices. Students will learn the strengths and limitations of using the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on small devices. The course will also explore issues involved in moving large multimedia files between platforms and their storage in databases. Specific topics will include: configurations and profiles; overview of programming mobile devices; standard and custom user interface elements and events; networking; record stores and persistence; text and multimedia messaging; drawing and animation using game APIs (Application Program Interface) and 3D APIs; audio and video APIs; and a comparison of current technologies.

CSC 103 Overview:
You will learn the basics of procedural computer programming (primarily in C++). This includes an understanding of datatypes and variables, branching and looping constructs, pointers and recursion. Additionally, we will introduce some standard tools for programming, and cover the basic operation of a computer. Lastly, we introduce elementary data structures, the standard template library, and the basics of object oriented programming.

CST 2309 Overview:
This course focuses on how to design and maintain interactive and dynamic Web sites using HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and client-side scripting with JavaScript. The goal is to develop dynamic, effective, and pleasing Web sites. The students will learn JavaScript programming, the JavaScript Data Object Model (DOM), JavaScript event handlers, and how to integrate JavaScript programs in a HTML document. Students will apply this knowledge to create Web sites that include pop-up windows and scrolling messages, as well as to validate forms and enhance the use of images and form objects. Client-side scripting technology will also be used to create cookies and shopping cart applications.

CST 1204 Overview:
The major portion of the course is concerned with Structured Query Language (SQL) —the language of creating and supporting RDBs, and manipulating the relational data. The students learn how to create tables, specify constraints, populate tables with data, and manipulate the data: create, update, delete, and retrieve the data.
Demonstrations of database concepts and practical work are performed in one of the relational DBMSs. This will include the creation of tables, manipulation of data in the tables, queries using one or more tables, and importing/exporting data to other applications.