Experiential Learning, Walt Disney World College Program

Here is a video explaining, in brief, the Experiential Learning Course offered by Disney. Watching it might provide a little insight into the experience of some of our students. I recommend this course to students interested in culinary, housekeeping and those considering HR as a career. The course helps them explore how they learn and, in turn, how they can best teach others. Students have found great success in this course.

Another bonus of watching this video is that you get to see one of our very own, Nicole Schloss, at about 47 seconds into the video. Enjoy and please let me know if you have any questions:

Honors Scholars Etiquette Resources

Here is a light-hearted approach to interacting with those around us in this great City of ours. Published in the New Yorker, The Urban Etiquette Handbook can be used as a conversation starter between some of your more casual friends.

In this article by Bilton, published in the New York Times, etiquette in our connected world is explored. When is it appropriate to reach for your “phone” (ie passage way to the world)? Do you dare access the outside world while with your friends, co-workers, teachers, supervisors?