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View From My Window: Research

Taking a look out my window, I see nothing but the tops of scaffolding and the broken limbs of dying trees. It’s very hard to get a good perspective on what’s outside, when there’s only a dull ocean of blue paint with the wood shining out from the chips in the poor coat. It’s an awkward position, being low enough that all you can see is the tops of scaffolding, but high enough so the window isn’t covered by the sides of them. I see windows, from the opposing building as well as from the hospital across the street. the windows are bare, mostly, and give off all different types of light. I can see the terraces of far off neighbors, and the AC units of households trying to stay cool. The leaves and bark litter the top of the scaffolding like debris after a bad storm. The occasional animal scurries along, or flies by, but I haven’t seen human foot traffic in a long time. The sky above me is dark.. I work late and I’m up early.. I don’t get the chance to see a great sunrise or sunset. I’m working on thumbnails, but so far have scrapped a lot of potential ideas. Everything in the view from my window is all the same, generic. I’m hoping to find a new perspective, maybe from a different window – away from home.