About Me

My name is Kevin Louie Gonzalez. I’ve found that there’s a few Kevins in City tech.. so Louie is fine. I don’t mind either. Anyway, I’m a native New Yorker – born and raised in Manhattan, Upper East. I’m really into a bit of everything, but if i had to name a few this is what they’d be: Art, I love everything about it! It allows me to express myself in a way I couldn’t with words alone. Space, it’s just a concept that I could talk about all day. I’m amazed by it. Gaming, it’s one of those things I got into when I was young. I hope to end up in the field of game design, I want to be able to change the gaming experience to immerse the user in a world completely void of physical restraint. I want to be the competition and bring in fresh new ideas to the industry.