Project #4: Aesthetic Mapping, The Route

TheĀ route I establishedĀ is a guide from the city tech campus to the Borough Hall station. The route focuses on a quiet, less populated path through downtown Brooklyn. The aesthetics of the walk touched on natural and man made beauty. It conveniently passes by more than one metro station for those who take different lines. Walking this route isĀ about fifteen to twenty minutes total, making it about five to ten minutes longer of travel time to the train.Ā To begin your route, start at the Jay street entrance/exit in the Namm Building. You will make a left turn right after you leave the Namm Building towards the Vorheese Building. This building adorns a large City Tech logo and the entire front face of the building is made of glass similar to a greenhouse. You will keep walking next to the highway until you will reach Sands Street, and then you will turn left on to Adams Street. This is where the view of the famous Brooklyn Bridge and lower Manhattan cityscape is able to be seen just beyond a small construction yard. There will be a round corner that turns into High Street. This is where the High Street subway station is where you can catch the A,C, or E train. Immediately to your left, there will be NYC Housing development buildings that surround a small lawn with a lush garden that reflects fall’s red and orange colors. Ā You will continue walking straight down until reaching Tillary Street back towards the Namm Building. Continue past the school book store and stop at the corner. Cross right on Tech Place, towards Columbus Park. Walk straight past the old Post Office, that contrasts against all the other court buildings with its tall, gray castle like features. Continue forward until you reach Cadman Plaza, turn left, Ā and walk through Columbus Park. There will be a largeĀ statue of Christopher Columbus standing on a tall pedestal. Surrounding the statue on both sides are benches spanning the whole park. This is where the farmers market usually is as well as the holiday market when the seasons come around. Continue straight down the park and you will reach the Borough Hall station thus concluding the walk

.Borough Hall View of Brooklyn Bridge

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