The course provides an introduction to the field of quantum computing. While very much a technology of the future, the course will examine some of the possibilities that the quantum world offers in advancing the capabilities of computers and how our notion of information has evolved. Topics covered include elements of Boolean algebra and classical logic gates, qubits and hypothesis of quantum mechanics, introduction to quantum algorithms, quantum teleportation and it application, quantum entanglemen, statistical and adiabatic quantum computation, physical realizations of logic quantum gates in quantum system.


Weekly Schedule

Week 1: Course overview. Elements of Boolean Algebra and Binary System
Week 2: Classical Logic Gates and Logic gate symbols
Week 3: Circuit Models
Week 4: Linear Algebra and Dirac Notation
Week 5: Qubits and hypothesis of Quantum mechanics
Week 6: Quantum model of computation
Week 7: Exam 1. Superdense coding
Week 8: Quantum Entanglement
Week 9: Introduction to Quantum algorithms
Week 10: Introduction to Quantum algorithms
Week 11: Algorithms based on amplitude amplification. Grover’s quantum Search algorithm
Week 12: Statistical Quantum computation.
Week 13: Statistical Quantum computation. Adiabatic Quantum Computation
Week 14: Physical realizations of logic quantum gates in Quantum System (based on homework)
Week 15: Course project presentation. Final exam