Hello Illustrators!

What is illustration? It is image-making in the service of a goal. It is visual problem solving. It is purpose-driven communication. It can be entertainment or it can be information or at its best it can be both at the same time!

Course Description

This course will introduce students to the basic concepts and practices of producing illustrations. Categories of illustration covered will include but not be limited to: Poster, Advertising, Editorial, and Book Illustration. Practices of quality image making will be covered including draftsmanship, composition, & color theory. The process of creating an illustration will be covered from understanding the client’s needs, word maps & thumbnails, rough sketches, color studies, finished sketches and finally FINAL ART (and then revisions!). The history of illustration will also be covered and important artists and illustrators will be highlighted.

Course Objectives

  1. To understand the process of producing a successful illustration from ideation thru execution.
  2. To improve overall image-making skills
  3. To learn a basic history of illustration and the technological advances that led to its evolution.