A Communication Design Portfolio

Category: Digital Media Foundations

Virtual Field Trip “Nassau County Museum of Art”

“Eternal #6, by Makoto Ofune”

In Makoto Ofune’s work, he takes multitudes of sensory and atmospheric information and depicts the energy that is found within an environment. Looking at this piece, I can imagine the feeling of wind by the ocean at night. The dark line that moves across the middle is like the horizon line that separates the sea and sky. The light that emanates from the center is like the light of the moon that is also reflecting off the surface of the ocean.

“Magda’s Blues: II, by Jon Schueler”

This Jon Schueler piece really stood out to me because it gives off this feeling of serenity I would often get when in nature. Looking at this painting feels like meditating while staring off into the clouds that separate just enough for rays of sunlight to breakthrough.

“Blue House on Water #2, by James Casebere”

This piece by James Casebere piqued my interest with the reflection of the geometric structure becoming more fluid and curved. The water turned something with a rigid form into something more organic-like. For me, it gives off this feeling of calmness since there aren’t any violent waves and appears somewhat still with little movements.

Visual Quote Project

This project tasked us to choose a quote from any media and enhance it visually. For my quote, I chose “Adventure is Out There,” by Charles Muntz a character of the movie Up (2009).

Concept 1: Version 1

For my first concept, I wanted to take inspiration from the movie “Up” in its use of balloons. I created a simple balloon outline on Illustrator then arranged it into pattern design. I also differentiated the balloons by mixing the colors to more accurately represent the colorful balloons in “Up.”

Concept 1: Version 2

In my second version of the Concept 1, I decided to take the simple balloon outline and used varying sizes to create a sense of floating away. I then placed white lettering on certain balloons to visually spell out my quote.

Concept 2: Version 1

In my second concept, I made simple cloud outlines and used a scripted typeface to simulate skywriting.

Concept 2: Version 2

In this version of Concept 2, I decided to add more cloud outlines to fill up more of the empty space in the first version.

Concept 3: Version 1

In this third concept, still taking inspiration from “Up,” I used a stock image of a hot air balloon. I also found a cloud-like typeface to replace actual clouds.

Concept 3: Version 2

For my second version of Concept 3, I saw how similar the first version and Concept 1 were, so I decided to go in a different direction. I thought of doing something akin to a treasure map that pirates would use. I found a stock image texture for an old paper to use as the background and a pirate-like typeface for the quote. In Illustrator, I created the dotted lines you’d see on a treasure map leading to an “X.”