Update October 2017

In October that was the start of programming the rig through the Grand MA 3D. Secondly choosing the songs and I wanted to make sure that I fully understand what the songs were saying.   Not as just plain word on a piece of paper, but why the artist choose what he choose.

Since Chester has past I wanted to see the background of why it occurred and if there were any correlation between the songs and his unfortunate death.  Many people did not see or in this case hear what many of his songs were saying and the cries for help that chest wanted/needed.  When I heard the latest CD  and specifically One More Light.  IT was obvious that he was screaming for help.

I also looked at the music videos to see if I could get any clues on what colors that he used in the songs.  For example the “Castle of Glass” was very dark, as in, I saw a lot  of blues/ blacks in the video .  It seemed as well, that the band was fighting in a storm in the video. And they are fighting to get through it.


LAter on I had to take a different turn because I ran out of ideas about a fourth song and chose “Florida Georgia Line’s this is how we roll.

Update 10/31/17

I know I have not been on much.  I have frankly forgot about posting.

So far, I have had to hand draft my ground plot and section ( I still have to work on the insert) The vectorworks has been crashing and I have continued to loose time and back track several times.

I have finally finished the rig in the grand MA rig at 2 AM yesterday morning.  However the way that the Grand MA calculates the DMX dimmers is hard to figure out and I had to re- arrange my rig.  The channels did not match the units and I tried to re -number the units correctly.

I wanted have the LX 2 through to go Profile wash, and the LX 2 to be the reverse pattern I am going to try and re- arrange this Wednesday and or Thursday.  You also have the ability import photo and or video.

I think the video will be distracting with the music so I will try and import the photos,  I think it will take less time than figuring out the video.


OK, I  have not been as meticulous at being organized as I should be with the course/ project.  I have had a lot on my plate.  I have mostly been working late recently.   During the week off, I tried to get ahead of my other classes, including this course.  I had been sleeping all day, since my depression and anxiety were very very high.  Then get up about 8pm and work till 2 am, then try and get more sleep.

I have the Light plot almost competed.  I have to double check on dimensions with platforms on the deck and whether I need more dimensions event though I am focusing on LX.  Also, I am not sure if I should place monitors and or speaker arrays as well.

I am also going to make some subtle adjustments to the line up.  I have 3 three songs chosen from Linkin Park ” Castle of Glass” “One More Light” and “Chester forever” a tribute song from Steve Aoki that works with the band.  The Last Song is actually going to be a unorthodox song that has nothing to do with  the band or genre,

I have a few friends with the officers of Local One Stagehand Union. One of the officer’s’ son love country music.  But I wanted a song that had some rock accent to hit.  Not traditional country that was popular in the 1990s.  So I grabbed Florida Georgia Line’s “This is How We Roll.”  I have photos from both bands for reference material.  But it is had to select what lights to chose and not cheat on what the band uses.

In the 1980s Vari Lites were used as movers,  but today Vari-light is more of a theater light and Martin are the first chose for concerts.  and I didn’t want to use the traditional Par 64 tin cans.  The band I am using use LEDs, Video and Movers for their tours and I wanted to stick to that.  I should finish the first draft of the Light Plot today.  And This weekend immediately start on the grandMA 3-D  portion.  I want ample time to edit learn the programming skills I want to know and to get the paper work completed.  The good part is there are not a million lights and with the lights, there are only about three types being used.  I may scratch the video.  I don’t now, unless I physically see it first.

Ground Plan Complete!


9/18/17- 3:30A-4:30A  Completed ground plan

I hate it,  when I wake up at 4 am, pour a cup of coffee, that was still in the pot from the afternoon.  Get some creamer out of the fridge.  And the only damn reason that I am up this early the stupid ideas floating in my head to finish the ground plan with a side of insomnia.

i am using my camera phone to document so I will up load the pics when I can in a timely manner. Now is the hard part is figuring out what lights I can use for what, what’s the lighting curtin and so forth.  I favor vari-lite,  but the are some things that are better.  Especially if you use a video screen.  I am using cubes that I scaw from a LP picture. But in a little different way.  Now, I know everyone is crazy with video screens and video in general.  Projection or video screen are originally used to have the audience members in the far far far away seats see the main act on  stage.  This is prior to all the fancy animation that is used.  Traditionally there are 2 video camera that are placed house left and right, sometimes they stand on platform.  They are next to the LX op and the Audio op, and their purpose is to shoot the act had have it appear on the projection screen in real time.  Also with video, many people think this but on stage the screen is extremely bright,  So, lighting has to fight with the video brightness to be seen.  For example a Mac 3000 is the brightest Martin light the company (Christie has)  Or Depending they may go with LEDs, its all in what the band wants.

Summer activity

May 21st: 11p 2A:  Sketched of what I wanted on stage  These were only rough crude drafts.  I then attempted to link the grandma 3D and computerized grandma together  This time no success.

May 22nd 3 P to 5P Success with the GrandMA 3D and the computerized GrandMa. I used a youtube movie by Alex Hugh GrandMa network to attach the two softwares together  I have to try and find the video again  when it is time to hook up the equipment again  and I am going to try and see if I can use my TV as my visualizer.

May 23rd 10:30- 1AM– Started to build the truss structures in the GRandMA 3-D  I wanted to see how the visualizer works and to see how it works.  In sep.  I was going to try and get my hand on my Vector Work and work out the plot.

July 21st 2017-  Chester Bennington commits suicide which causes me to modify and alter my assignment.  I have listened to LP  since 2002.  I will be still be doing the concert.  However, I will be designing and creating the project around the band Linkin Park and a tribute to Chester.

July 29th:  From 10p to 3A  I watch the full last concert that Chester performed at in Birmingham in England.  I can see where concerts now prefer to use full washes on stage with some subtle accents with the light

September4, 2017– I started building the vectorworks for the light plot,  I had it done quite quickly,  however, I was looking at this process as if it was a play.  Traditionally from what I have scene  There are 4 dance towers SL and SR and 4 Electrics along the stage that are label as to how to put together.  There fore I quickly re thought out my plot and started to rearrange it.


Video of KISS Master LX:


I will be designing/creating a concert lighting design that will be surrounding around Linkin Park.  A tribute to the passing of  the bands leading front man Chester Bennington, after he succumbed to depression and committed suicide this past July.  I have assisted as an Electrician on over 23 concerts professionally.  I was trying to get on LP’s load out through Local 4 in July, when the news hit social media.

My weapons of choice will be as followed:

The Grand MA computerized console, my Laptop, Vectorworks, lightwright, you tube, local one support, my printer.  (After this project it will most likely die a merciful horrific death)  My Insomnia, Coffee.  Youtube, and the over 7 years of experience that I have gain whilst working in the field, which is a dent in the bucket.