Rhythmic Elevation Freestudy

photo 2(4)I started out with this

Then created this. It continued to grow into a Topographic map

photo 1-1photo 5(1)photo 1(4)

photo 3(2) and this is my final outcome.

This was difficult explaining yourself trough a map. What did was I put things that I loved. I love the sand, the beach, ice skating (Ju Ju’s Frozens Lakes) and etc. I enjoyed doing this.

2 thoughts on “Rhythmic Elevation Freestudy

  1. Jenna Spevack

    Beautiful Freestudy drawing. Conceptually it’s not as thoughtful as I think it could be or perhaps the symbolic elements (sand, trail, etc.) are just not clear to the viewer — being part of your interests or personality. They appear to be your standard map icons. Just giving them a unique name (Ju Ju’s frozen lakes is a great one!) would help. Nice work!

  2. brendan

    My thoughts on looking at your island name was, that it gives off a repetition of your name echoing 5times. The map key is well understandable as the icons on the map. The height and depth meter was a nice add on to your map, to show the height of each place.Composition shapes and space was drawn well in my opinion and had time put in as a finish. From what you told me in the interview what your map represents I believe your island were past memories you wish you can do over again.


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