Aural Topographies: Research

It was hard to pick my favorite piece of music because I listen to a lot of different genres. At the end I picked the band Coldplay. This band is one of my favorite. Their music is so unqic and always has a messages to send out. Also, every song is not the same. Some song are more legato and others are stacato. They may mix them up as well.

In theses Coldplay songs, you will hear the Vocalist, the other band member singing along. You would also hear different intrusments. Such as the piano, guitor, drums and many more. With this, they are able to create different sounds. When I listen to the sounds, I feel the music, but I can also see it. It has a pattern. Not a monotony pattern. Its more of intervals and pacing patterns. You never get bored with Coldplay.

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