My Window: Cut Paper

photo 2(2)photo 1

At first I was a bit shaky while cutting the paper. After that, I started to feel more comfortable cutting it. This was actually really fun. From pencil, to ink and then to cutting paper. This helped me understand the steps that a person should take to get their artwork to where they want it to be.

3 thoughts on “My Window: Cut Paper

  1. Jenna Spevack

    Nice work, Kayla! Clear evidence of iterations and thoughtful approach from research through execution of final cut paper comps. Hope you put an image of the final comp. Partial framing the top two comps really helped to create closure.

  2. Ac101

    The designs of the car really interested me when you set as a black background and I love nature and the sight of the tree gave me the sense of calm and beauty of nature.


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