View From My Window : Research

From my bed from my living room window, you can see many different shapes. Some shapes bigger than others. Some shapes you need to focus on to really see. The main shape that are seen are rectangles, squares and circles. Some of these shapes you can spot quickly, others it takes time to see.


     I have a basketball court outside the window so thats one big rectangle, two half ovals inside and one circle in between the ovals being split by a line. The basketball court has two hoops at each end, which includes the shapes of a square, a circle and a column. Next to the basketball court there is a parking lot. This includes squares, rectangles, circles, triangles of all shapes and sizes. It also contains a few trees.  On the other side of the basketball court there an open grass, in a shape of a half circle. Beside that there is a road that leads people in and out of my building and the building beside mine. The road in a circular shape. It also contains three big trees. On the other side of the road there are three areas of grass. Two are in a triangular shape and the other is in a rectangle shape. One of the triangular shapes contain a big tree. Behide all of this, there is a small road that leads to a preschool. The shape of the preschool is a rectangle that contains many small and big rectangle windows. Also one rectangle from the back door. What connects with this is the other building which contains rectangles and squares. Behind the small road that connects to the preschool there is another building that contain the same as the other one.

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