A workday usually starts at 9 am with greetings between my peers and my boss Marla and very good morning from Koko, the office mascot. We go over everyone’s work from the last day and give feedback based on what was communicated through Marla from the client. The adjustments are made and the work is reshown and that is honestly one of the things I liked about working in a small business, everything is communicated clearly and quickly and this enables me to get help on any issue I am facing as soon as possible so I can get my work done as soon as possible through my day.

Marla has taught me some things that I admit, I hadn’t learned while in school. I didn’t know that I can create an outline in Indesign, organize the layers through Illustrator, and then place it into After Effects with little to no difficulty. I never knew how to make a digital menu board until I had gotten this job, I didn’t know how to sequence layers in Illustrator, and I didn’t know how to tab over in Indesign. Anything that I am learning in this job, I am putting it towards my project in Senior Project and I’m using it to better improve past projects.