In this week there were assigned. The first project was for Anna’s Catering and I along with my coworkers did a bit of rebranding for the client’s catering service. I have worked on some branding projects in classes before but this was for an actual client and I was excited. She wanted something simple and classic that also showed that she a was a catering service. I had experimented with fonts and decided to combine san serif and serif fonts and to experiment I incorporated some script and handwritten. My coworkers also took the time to design logos as well so in total up to 30 logos were submitted to the client.

The second project was for a big account, Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine, I had to redesign their menu boards for a new location. Despite the pressure I felt from working for on something for an important client the design process felt rather calm for me. I knew what I wanted to do and I had already had references from their past menu’s lined up. I learned how to tab over on indesign, something I picked up from Marla that at first is tricky but then i got the hang of it. I appreciate learning more indesign tricks from her, they make the process so much easier.