I am proud to announce that I am an intern at Calling All Graphics led by Marla Gotay. I did mention earlier that I felt like I was closing in and I was right. The excitement I feel is overwhelming but there is the nervousness that is starting to creep up. I had sent an email out to Marla with my resume and portfolio link as well as a publication design project I had done the semester before. I had looked at her work before sending out the email and was interested further into applying to be her intern and I asked to schedule an interview with her. She responded in 2 hours later asking what day would be good.

The interview process was pretty quick, really quick actually. Not soon after we had gone through the typical questions, I was put on board and assigned my first project. In total, this week I have done two projects. One was a promotional flyer and the other was adding a menu item to a menu board. It has been an interesting ordeal and I am excited for future projects. In my spare time I plan to review adobe program tutorials and master classes so I can better offer my services to the work.

For my webinar I chose “Design With Data, Present With Power”, hosted by AIGA. The webinar partnered with 3M and their VAS (Visual Attention Software), an AI that helps show you what is noticed at first glance within a design whether it’s a package design or print design. They also created plug ins for Adobe Photoshop and XD and will later be releasing a plug in for Illustrator. I decided to follow Sean Springer, who works as the VAS Product Application Engineer for 3M and Terry Kosnick, a creative that works as 3M’s Brand Design Principal. I was hoping to find Lisa Orts, a member of the 3M VAS team that knows more about the software so I could ask her if they planned on creating plug ins for other adobe programs like InDesign. The search is currently still happening but that is a question I would very much like answered.

This is an example displaying a package design for Scotch. There are different variations of the package and the numbers indicate in order where someone’s eye direct to first with creative designs.