For my visually enhanced quotation, I chose the quote, “And even the inside of your own mind
is endless. It goes on forever inwardly”, by Louis C.K. For my first enhanced quote, I chose to go with
a somewhat easy to comprehend visualization, by making a profile of a head, and in the head putting
the quote so that it matched the curves of the head. In order to show off that the mind is endless, the
profile was duplicated several times inside of itself, each time getting smaller to represent infinity.
Simply showing that the mind is endless was not enough to do this quote justice, so I chose to also
make each profile outline a different color, because after all, an endless mind is most certainly not a
boring one, and having the same color duplicated many times gives it more life. Originally, I also
duplicated the quote along with the profile but gave it a uniform green color so that not too much was
going on, but after some revision, my final decision was to put it in the second profile only with a back
background and knockout font so that it stood out more.

For my second visually enhanced quotation, I chose to take my quote, and turn it into a spiral.
Normally, a spiral can be associated with cheap magician tricks or a downward decent, but I believe it
can also represent infinity. A spiral can be taken and spun, and spun, and spun, and it will always seem
to go one without really stopping or starting again, which is why I felt it best represented my quote.
The quote itself, “And even the inside of your own mind is endless. It goes on forever inwardly” by
Louis C.K, was put into a spiral shape, and then the quote gets smaller in point size as it goes down,
making it seem as though the quote is tumbling into a far beyond place. Although my original concept
was very colorful, I instead chose to go with a sky blue background with knockout for the type except
for one word, endless, which was put in red. Once again, I think it is important to stress that the mind is
endless, which is why I felt that making “endless” standout was a top priority.

For my final visually enhanced quote , i chose to make the quote in an infinity symbol. I felt that the infinity symbol was a good representation of the quote, and did not just want to simply put an infinity logo behind the text. Making an infinity symbol of the quote forces the reader to work a bit in order to read it, without having to strain too much. When the reader finishes the quote, it has more of an impact, and an infinity logo being made out of those words ensures that it sticks, which is what i wanted from this. I also chose to leave the background white because white space is generally seen as an infinite space due to the infinite amount of things that cone be done on it. Finally, i chose to put my quote in a maroon color except for one word, “forever”, which is in a slightly dark shade of teal. The word “forever” being in a different color than the rest of the quote makes it stand out, which is most certainly the case.