On October 1st 2012, the annual IAB MIXX conference was held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Times Square, New York. The IAB MIXX conference is an even where the professionals of media advertising , and the companies that help them, come together to share insight on the current matters in the world of media advertising. Through this event, advertising companies are able to share the ways in which they contribute to advertising, whether that be making it more user friendly or having information readily accessible, as well as the technology used in the process. The conference also brings together some of the industry’s best so that they may share ideas among one another and even try to expand their clientele. Through the conference’s interactive section, one is able to learn more about specific companies and how they hope to impact their field.

One of the more interesting advertising technologies/companies found at the conference was Ghostery. Ghostery is a software that inspects a page’s coding and detects which companies are present on the page, and then finds out how the company is using the information on the page, and then allows the user to block the companies from being there. This piece of software is interesting because it basically sniffs out an unwanted presence without collecting personal data for use by any advertising companies. Many people in the current day and age want what they are viewing to stay solely for their eyes without a company using that data just so that they may find a more personal (and slightly annoying) way to advertise to the user, and Ghostery allows the user to take control of which companies can access this data.

Through Ghostery, the user is able to make informed decision on which companie(s) they want using the data collected on them, which is very helpful and user friendly. The entire idea and goal of Ghostery is rather unique because from the very beginning, the idea is to be user friendly and helpful, which not many companies do currently on this level. Ghostery is a program owned by the company Evidon, which is dedicated to helping you, the consumer, put control back into who can access what data, a goal that not many companies in today’s technologically advanced world allows. Most companies want to take control, not let you have it, on what you can and can’t see on a web page, and some even go as far as shoving what they want you to see in your face, so it’s good to see a company doing the exact opposite of that while staying neutral. Evidon’s goal through Ghostery is simple and effective, much like their technology.

Another interesting company found at the convention was Advertising Database. This company helps to put all the important contacts needed for advertising into one specific database. The way this company works is quite simple and effective; if a client was looking to advertise something on a specific channel or magazine, like MTV for example, they would simply look in the database and find who they could specifically contact. Most people spend hours and possibly even days on cold calls just waiting to get in touch with the correct person, but Advertising Database eliminates those wasted hours. This company stood out because of how easy they make their tool to use, along with the fact that they streamline the process of advertising.

Advertising Database not only contains ways to reach important decision makers in advertising companies, but also vital information on those companies. This tool provides information such as the brand’s owning company, daily emails on important decisions made by those companies/brands, and so on. If someone wanted make an important decision on what to advertise and where, they wouldn’t have to go to several sources while doing their research on the company and take a risk, they would just simply go to this one database and find everything they need put into one page, leading to an informed decision. Advertising Database is also very helpful in the sense that it helps to train their clients on how to use their technology for free, a perk that most companies don’t give to their clients. Due to its usefulness, advertising database can quickly become one of the most helpful tools a company can use for advertising.

Out of all of the companies that attended the IAB MIXX Conference, the one that had the most interesting logo was Share This. Although some other companies, like GumGum or Ghostery, had very interesting logos, theirs was the most interesting because it was so simple, but so effective; a dot that branches out into two more dots. Share This is a technology that allows for easy and streamlined sharing across multiple media outlets. This design is easy to depict and can fit onto any page or area that its placed, which is a very useful quality. What is also interesting about the share this logo is that it is on several large social websites and many people use it every day, but yet they don’t even realize that they are, making it such a universal technology. The share this logo was the most simple and eye catching logo to be found in the IAB MIXX conference.

Share this also had very appropriate giveaway items, which were stickers of their logo, fake tattoos, and of course business cards. The giveaway items were good because they went with the idea of being able to easily share things. With a sticker of the company’s logo, someone can stick it anywhere and allow others to know that they want that specific thing to be seen.

Another company that had an interesting logo was, however, was Ghostery. Ghostery’s image is a little blue ghost with big eyes and a big friendly smile. This logo makes one feel comfortable right away because it is rather friendly looking, and it also makes one curious about what the company itself is. In such a serious environment, it is good to have a logo that seems rather kiddish in nature, and it leaves an impression that sticks, as well as making the viewer curious as to what exactly such a company is about.