My logo is based on my middle name Gianni and what I like to do, drawing. I made it based off the instagram profile I made to showcase all the artwork I’ve been doing for the past few years. I always thought words that made alliteration sounded nice, so when I first came up with the name, I was glad to know my middle name made a nice alliteration with the word “draws”. When I first made this logo I drew up a bunch of thumbnail sketches and I thought about pencils and wondered how I could incorporate it into the logo. Then I realized it could fit perfectly on the bar of the capital G. I used Adobe Illustrator create this, and used the type on a path tool to make the “draws” part flow within the letter. The font style I use for all the letters are Rubik Bold. I created outlines from the G in order to tweak it a little to make the pencil shape, and then I filled it with color to make it look more noticeable as a pencil.