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Completed Color wheel

Completed Color wheel

Here is my completed color wheel for our next project. I decided for this free study to use the normal color wheel, but add a little more to it. Those icons that are centered on every color are icons used in Poke’mon the card game, as each color stands for its respective element. Fire (red), Psychic (purple), Water (Blue), Grass (Green), Electric (Yellow), and Dragon (Orange). This is the second one i made after the first attempt i did in class, although when i look at it, i can see that i added too much water in some areas, and i am considering doing it over again from scratch, but in the mean time, ill settle for what I have. this took me about 30 minutes to finish.

Reading Lucy, by Jennifer Egan is a essay that’s based on a research novel about a woman named Lucille Kolkin who worked for the Brooklyn Navy yard during World War II as a mechanic for about two years. The author begins to create a bond with her as she continues to interview Lucy, not only learning about what she does and her studies as an engineer, but more of her personal life as well. Lucy then tells her about how she met a man named Alfred Kolkin and how they would send letters to each other as often as they could. Through this, they both began to create a close bond to each other as readers can clearly see that they both care about each other very much. But overtime, they began to drift apart, the only thing keeping them together was through the letters they sent. The author could tell that there bond was strong through the letters that they wrote to each other from time to time, discussing their current situations and developments. around the end when Alfred moves to a new Navy yard in California, They discuss things about a possible future with kids and a house and other things that an average married couple would do. The author soon finds out that Lucy dies years ago and is a bit crushed by the fact, but through reading her letters to Alfred along with a few online articles she found, she knows that she died doing what she wanted. In the end, she feels a bit of a reflection towards herself through reading Lucy’s letters and begins to question her future. but in the end, she concludes that you just have to live it out to the fullest.

From what i can learn about this essay is that people should live life to the fullest till the day they pass on. The author further implements this message through Lucy’s letters and the choices that she made throughout her time talking to the man of her dreams. I think its a rather personal thing that the reader can relate to with the story, for the soul fact that Lucy made the decisions that she did to be happy with herself and live life. It’s something sadly not alot of people think about now a days, people are so focused on the future, that they barley even worry about what makes them happy and what they want to do later on in that future time.

To me, the most happiest place in New York would have to be in the Bronx, by my area of location, which is Parkchester. Ever since i was a small child, I have grown to love Parkchester and its development over the years. Most of the time when i walk around the area, i can tell you about most of the buildings and even what they used to be before it changed. But the one place that has stood the same over all these years, and my favorite area of Parkchester has to be the Fountain located in the Metropolitan Oval Park. Even when the area around it is constantly changing, the fountain is the one thing that has always kept its presentation. The fountain itself is centered in the Metropolitan Oval Park. Around it is a beautiful array of different types of flowers and plants that further compliments the beauty the fountain holds. The fountain consists of four statues, three that are lined up side to side on one side of the fountain, and a tall one on the opposite end. The tall statue consists of two people riding on top of a giant fish that seems to be jumping out of the water. Durring the holiday season, The fountain would be shut off and covered with a Christmas display composed of a giant Christmas tree, houese covering the statues on one side, and a chimney with Santa clause coming out on top for the tall statue. The fountain is the only sight of water for miles in the area, so i think the fountain does a good job giving variety and comfort to the Parkchester area. It truly does stand out from the multiple buildings that surround the area, its something that i can look at and look back on the fine memories I’ve had in Parkchester over all these years.

The fountain Located in The Metropolitain Oval

The fountain Located in The Metropolitan Oval


What if you Could Choose Between the Fastest Route and the Most Beautiful, by Lex Berko, Is a article that explains how nowadays with Mobile navigation apps, they only take you from point A, to point B in the shortest way possible. Berko explains that this current use of a mobile app becomes boring and non – enthusiastic. Berko wants to make a way that you can get to your location, while also being able to enjoy your walk and its scenery. He conducts an experiment with some people, showing them alternate routes and its scenery and asks them, which route would you rather take and which one looks more pleasant. After gathering the results, it was clear that most people do want to enjoy a peaceful or beautiful scenery as they are walking from point A to point B.

After reading the article, i have to agree with Berko’s experiment and say it is more lively to walk a path that has a more appealing scenary surrounding the area. It get boring going through the same path over and over again, with the same old, boring look. I would rather try and find another route that i can walk through and be able to smile at the appealing scenery that surrounds the area. I feel others should support this as well, since now adays, we live in a more depressing time. Little things like this can do alot to brighten up a persons day in their life.


This took m about 3 hours to finish, but im satisfied with how it came out. Due to my crappy quality brushes, some of the strokes came out a bit shakey, but at least it kept its shade. The white got a bit dirty when i was pasting it on the bristol, but overall, i would say it came out well. For 3 hours, i’m satisfied with the final product.

Narrow (Low Key)

Narrow (Low Key)



Here are my collages for Project #3

For the first One, i was making my focus the bell shaped figure, surrounded by a dark frame (disregard the gloss around it, the lighting was not the best in the pictures). As for the second one, i went for variety, although it feels a bit lopsided, but i wanna see what others think i should do before i make major changes to it. does it need more or lesss? I would appriciate some feedback.

After my experience with project number two, i can say my writing skills have developed quite a sum. Although i do feel i could have done some things diffrently in my writing. I noticed  i do have a few problems  getting off topic in some areas, knowing what the topic  should be focused on. I would be on topic in one paragraph, but then soon i would drift off too far into it, I begin to get off topic all together. Another thing that i can see room for improvement is how i word sentences when i talk under a topic. From time to time, i would word sentences to a point where I begin to lose myself and my train of thought. I want my sentences to be able to follow each other in a way that it its both readable and it makes scence. But hopefully, i will learn from my mistakes and be able to carry this knowledge to my other projects, avoiding to make the same mistakes, and to overall improve my writing skills and thought process.


This is a low-key image that i would say is the opposite of the image below as far as how the mood is. Think of being in the room once again, but this time, its at night, where the only light you have is the glow of the moon, thus giving the dim beam of light that comes in the room. Imagine if you came in the room at night and it looks like this, wouldnt you feel a sence of discomfort and unsafety. As if the shadow in the corner was concealing something away from your eye. Or if something was going to come out and attack you suddenly from nowhere.




This is a hi-key image, where the focus comes from the left side where the light is illuminating from. The mood it portrays is asi if your trapped in a blank room, with nothing but one window inside of that room. But all you see through that window is a blank ocean. As if you were helpless and alone, isolated from the rest of the world. the only thing that gives you a sence of comfort is that one window in the room, illuminating most of the darkness thats in the room.




“City Limits” by Colson Whitehead is a interesting article that tells readers about different views of New York and how everyone see’s it differently. In the article, Whitehead explains how New York life was for him, and how he see’s New York compared to everyone else. He begins by telling readers what he knows New York to be in his perspective, for example, in paragraph four, he explains his first time building his New York when he was looking out a subway window on the 1 train, describing the area as filthy, and to him, that’s how he will always portray that area, since that’s the way he saw it. He also shows this further on into the paragraph as he begins to describe the Met Life building next to the Grand central station as the Pan Am building since that’s the way he first saw it, compared to a woman that refers it as the Met Life building. Both contradict each other, saying that the other one is wrong and they are right, but in the end, it all depends on how the person first saw the building in their perspective.

Throughout the rest of the article, Whitehead exclaims that everyone’s new York will always be their own personal New York, but there will be times where people will begin to refigure their New York as time moves along, telling readers that you should try to accept the new compared to the old, not trying to judge it just because its different. But no matter what happens, the building you have grown to accept, will still be your own memory of what the building used to be to you in your own personal New York. It’s as if our own New York is like our own Utopia, a happy place that we can go back to remember and wish that we can relive again if given the chance. Its that sense of nostalgia that makes us sad at first, but happy to know that we once knew of such a place when we first saw it. For example, I remember when I was younger, the Nintendo world building in Rockefeller center in time square, wasn’t always Nintendo world, to me, I saw the PokĂ©mon center. It was a building that was dedicated to such a big franchise that was, and still is successful to this day. now, instead of the building being dedicated to the one game, it has its own corner of glory on the top floor of the building, along with other Nintendo titles. However, the building still has the original doors from the old building, retaining its history and nostalgia for most people. To me, that building will always be the PokĂ©mon center in my personal New York.