Final Exam Post

Hey everyone, the final exam is happening soon!  I hope things go smoothly for you.  Here are some important things to note:

1. Here’s the link to the final exam WebWork site.  It’s not the same as the homework site.

2. Your login is firstname.lastname.  Your password is your student ID.  I’ve found that copying and pasting your login and ID don’t always work.  What worked the best was typing in your login, and typing in your ID.  My apologies to those of you with long names!

3. You must upload a pdf with the written work in a timely manner.  You have 30 minutes after the exam closes.

4. Your submission must include 1 page for each problem on the exam, whether you attempt to solve it or not.  If you leave it blank, then leave it blank, but have a page and number for it.

5. Your pdf submission must have the questions in number order.

6. Your file name is only your last name first name and 1 or 2 (indicating the first or second attempt).  Example: “Baskin Carole 1.pdf” and “Baskin Carole 2.pdf”

7. If rules 3, 4, 5, and 6 are not followed, you will get points off.

8. You have 2 attempts at this exam, with 2 tries per attempt.  If you plan on taking 2 attempts, your first attempt must be on Thursday and your second attempt must be on Friday.  If you make your first attempt on Friday, then that will be your only attempt.

Good luck!  I’ll be on Blackboard tomorrow morning (8am – 11:40am) and Friday morning (8am – 11:40am).

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