Test #3, 5/5/2020

Hello all,

I’ll be here tomorrow on Blackboard from 8am – 12:30pm.  Come visit here if you have any exam questions.


Same rules as before:

1. Take the exam on webwork.  You have 2 hours, 10 minutes within 8am – 12:30pm.  Make sure you start the exam before 10:20am to allow yourself the maximum time.  READ THE DIRECTIONS AND HINTS!  Some problems require you to round to the nearest thousandth, some require you to input your answer as fractions or radicals (ie. exact answers only).

2. Hit “Grade Test” before the exam closes at 12:30pm.  Do this only once.

3. Upload your written work as a pdf file to your Dropbox folder.  Like always, use your first initial, last name, date (05-05-2020), test 3.  Please do not put any spaces anywhere.

4. Once I grade them, I’ll post a date for our 5-minute video conference.

Good luck and make sure your calculator is in DEGREES mode before you begin the exam!

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