Naming files is imperative to keeping your folder organized. Please follow these rules so that grading is easier for me and less annoying for you.

  1. All files must be pdfs. Multiple page assignments must be uploaded as a single pdf file.
  2. Every single file that you upload has to be named beginning with your last name and first initial, with no spaces.
  3. Follow that with the date of submission. Use 2 digits for a single digit month or day. Please use month first and day second.
  4. After the name and date, you can put a small descriptor. Examples are assignment02, quiz07, exam01, etc.
  5. Here’s an example: Saquon Barkley will upload his fifth assignment as barkleys09-03assignment05.pdf.
  6. Make sure your file are easily readable. You can play around with the margins and contrast to do this.

If you get points off for your filename, fix it and I’ll give you those points back. Send me a comment in Dropbox letting me know you fixed it and I’ll look at it. Also, please fix all the files in your folder so everything is orderly.